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SoCal Applied Wing Chun Academy

   SiFu Don began learning Applied Wing Chun Kung Fu in the Virginia Beach Wing Chun Kung Fu School under Master Duncan Leung.  His training began in the youth class for a year then continued into the adult class, then into the senior class.  In 1987, SiFu Don was sent by SiFu Leung to Taiwan to experience Wing Chun Kung Fu in SiBok Lo Man Kam’s school.  Formal Virginia Beach training ended in 1992 when he began a career in the military.  He has also trained Wing Chun Kung Fu at seminars with William Cheung and Hawkins Chueng. 

     In his travels SiFu Don has been fortunate enough to visit schools and train with instructors of various families of Wing Chun in several states.  In the spring of 2010 SiFu Don was part of a team of instructors under SiFu Leung that conducted Applied Wing Chun demonstrations at several universities and law enforcement training facilities in the city of Manila, Philippines.  Recently, He has assisted SiFu Duncan Leung in training students at an Applied Wing Chun seminar in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

    SiFu Don is currently running the SoCal Applied Wing Chun Academy.

Sifu Don Presto: Team Members
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